Solar Energy

Everything you need to know about Solar Energy

What is it?

Solar grid connect systems export electricity to a larger more vast network which allows it to be a stand-alone system to supply load to power locally only. ie: your property. Most systems close to an existing supply will be grid-connect to avoid high costs which are associated with batteries.

Remote stand alone power supplies often incorporate a second power generator such as a diesel one and they are installed where its more cost effective than connecting it to the property/home grid.

What kind of panel types are there?

Traditional panels such as monocrystalines will be used as a standard most of the time usually when installation space is limited or where frame and installation costs are high. There are also hybrid panels which can be used that consist more than one

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Solar panels will normally be oriented towards the north southern hemisphere this will expose the panels to the greatest amount of sunlight when possible.

Energy Usage

Many people are migrating to solar usage due to the increase in recent energy costs. Solar energy will greatly impact this.

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