We have a proud, 20-year history in Sydney air conditioning

Integral Electrical Engineering is an authorised Daikin, LG and ActronAir dealer, with a proud 20-year history of providing air-conditioning to systems to the Sydney metropolitan area and greater metropolitan area.

From residential to commercial installations, ducted air conditioning or more innovative solutions, we are top-performing suppliers of Daikin, LG and Actron Air. Isn’t it time you increased your comfort? Stay cool in summer and warm in winter, with cost-effective and energy-efficient systems that work for your home and budget.

We supply air conditioning for all types of premises, from single storey to multi-level units and apartments and are highly experienced at working with all types of construction, from double-brick walls to timber or steel trusses.

Air conditioning systems we sell, install and maintain:

  • Ducted air conditioning systems
  • Split systems
  • VRV systems
  • Altherma Underfloor heating & cooling
  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Residential air conditioning

air conditioning comfort​Ducted air conditioning systems

Inverter ducted systems are more economical to operate and quieter to run than conventional air conditioning units. Ducted air conditioning can also handle greater extremes in temperature and reach the desired temperature more quickly than conventional air conditioners.

The Inverter component means the outdoor unit can vary its speed and output to match the required capacity of the indoor unit making them 30 per cent more efficient and cheaper to run than conventional models.

Split systems

Inverter split system air conditioning works by constantly changing the fan and motor speed of the air conditioner to reach required temperatures more quickly. Once the desired room temperature is reached, the system adjusts to maintain perfect comfort, more efficiently and economically.

Inverter multi systems use a variable speed compressor, so that cooling or heating capacities of the air conditioning system can be varied to suit the conditions in each room. This improves cost-efficiencies and effectiveness, far more than the standard air conditioning counterparts of yesterday.


Daikin’s VRV IV-S multi split air conditioning system incorporates the latest technology from our VRV commercial air conditioners, including remarkable energy efficiency, quiet operations and long piping runs of up to 100m (24kW Model) for flexible condenser placement.

With the size of the Australian residential properties reducing over time, the compact size and horizontal discharge design of the VRV IV-S outdoor unit makes it an ideal solution for the modern home.


Daikin Altherma Bi-Bloc is a highly flexible, energy efficient home heating system developed to provide homes with a total heating solution. With rising energy costs and high environmental impact, Daikin Altherma Bi-Bloc addresses these concerns with an all-in-one indoor space heating and domestic hot water heating system.

This system extracts heat from the outside air, raises its temperature and transfers the heat to the indoor hydrobox for water circulation in the underfloor heating circuit, radiators or fan coil units.

With low operating costs thanks to high efficiency without compromising on comfort, it is the perfect fit for new builds, as well as for low-energy homes.

Considerations in choosing your air conditioner

The size of the space to be heated or cooled – whether it is a single room, a specific area, or the whole premises – greatly influences which air conditioner is right for you. Integral Electrical works closely with you to better understand your needs and budget to advise you the appropriate air conditioning system.

Also consider whether you want cooling only air conditioners, or reverse cycle, which both heat and cool your premises for ultimate comfort.

Air conditioning units may also be blended unobtrusively into surroundings, they can be extra-quiet and more energy efficient. You may also want to consider air purifying filters if respiratory concerns are your priority. We can also advise how air conditioning can work with a smart home design to future-proof your house.

Some of the brands we work with include: Daikin, LG products, ActronAir, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, and Panasonic.


All our air conditioning installers are highly experienced, fully insured and professional. We come to you, to discuss your requirements and assess the work before providing an obligation-free quote.

With thousands of air conditioning units and systems that we’ve installed throughout Sydney over the last 20 years, you can rest assured that your job is completed to the highest standard of quality workmanship.

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