Upgrades or new installs of quality switchboards & metering

Whether you’re looking for switchboard installation and metering, or to upgrade an old system, we can help.

New build switchboards and metering

Integral Electrical Engineering have extensive experience working on large and small development projects and are well-equipped to handle end-to-end jobs, from switchboards and metering, to smart homes, level 2 electrical upgrades, solar design and under-floor heating, and air conditioning installation.

You’ll have access to your own project manager to minimise hassles, coordinate suppliers and ensure minimal disruption and wasted time.

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Upgrade old switchboards to smart switchboards

Old-style asbestos or timber particle backing boards in your switchboard box, as well as porcelain fuses, are no longer compliant with current standards required by new energy providers.

Minimise electrical supply downtime – be proactive and book in today to upgrade your switch board box, replace porcelain fuses, install metering isolation links, and remove and replace old timber or asbestos metering enclosures.

Old switchboards can be a fire risk and a shock hazard. New, smart meters give people the opportunity to access new electricity suppliers and electrical products and services to minimise electricity costs.

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