All electrical services in Sydney and the greater metropolitan area

We offer all electrical services in Sydney and the greater metropolitan area. All our Sydney electricians are highly experience, certified, fully-ensured and highly competent in handling both commercial and residential electrical services.

Our level 2 electricians are qualified and authorised to do installations, repairs and maintenance work on overhead and underground services which connect individual premises with the local electrical supply network.

Our Sydney level 2 electricians are prompt and always professional.

Electrical problems that require level 2 electrical upgrades

UV damage to cables and wiring

Damaged consumer mains/ UV damaged cables

Deterioration of insulation on cables that leave the copper wiring exposed.

We offer: 

  • Installation of underground electrical systems, include installing and connecting underground services right up to the point of supply, installing and connecting consumer mains to the underground point of supply, disconnection or reconnection of mains to the underground point of supply
  • Upgrades from single-phase to three-phase meters
  • Relocation of your switchboard and mains
  • Installation of overhead reticulated system
  • Installation of solar panel meters
  • Installation of off-peak meters and relay switches
  • Installation of power systems and generators
  • Switchboard installation and metering
  • Fire detection and monitoring
  • Electrical installations
  • Telephone and data cabling
  • Installation of audio and/or video intercoms
  • Installation of alarms and CCTV systems
  • Installation of safety switches
  • Installation of irrigation and pump controls
  • Solar services and installations 
  • C-Bus design and installation.

Should you have another electrical service not listed above, please call us on 02 8577 9825 so we can confirm whether or not we can help.

Our services:


We offer ducted air conditioners, multi air conditioners systems and split air conditioning from quality brands, including Daikin and LG.

Under-floor Heating

We supply and install underfloor heating systems, for a superior, gentle, comfortable heat, with no air movement, dust, noise or dry air.

Solar Power

We offer custom solar design and installation to suit your household and budget, so you can cut your energy bills and generate environmentally-conscious power.

Smart Homes

We provide home automation solutions and installations for luxurious Sydney smart homes. We can easily and cleanly turn your existing or brand new home into a state of the art smart home, by utilising the existing wiring in your house.

Level 2 Electrical Upgrades

As highly experienced and qualified level 2 electricians, we can do installations, repairs and maintenance work on overhead and underground services that run between your premises and the electrical supply network.

Switchboard Installation 
& Metering

Whether for a new build or to replace non-compliant old-style switchboards, switchboard installation and metering can save you money and reduce electrical supply downtime.

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