Smart homes make living easy

Automated smart homes are the way of the future, enhancing your lifestyle with innovative systems to make living easy.

Integral Electrical Engineering design and install tailored home automation systems throughout Sydney and surrounds, with cost-effective, smart solutions that add a new level of convenience and comfort to the home.

Automated smart home systems

Integral Electrical Engineering project manage every aspect of your smart home project. We can liaise with builders, engineers, architects, interior designers, lightening designers and others, to ensure that every detail is taken care of.

Our technical electrical designs ensure a smoother, more cost-effective and faster process, from start to finish. We are proud to say that our standard of work is the highest available.

smart home systems

How home automation works

Home automation utilises new technology that gains access to all electrical devices and systems within a premises. Users control these devices and systems automatically through an interface which can look similar to a small computer tablet.

Smart home technology has become increasingly sophisticated and cost-effective as the technology develops, from simple control systems for automated lighting, heating and cooling systems, to the smart homes of today which can connect nearly everything and it is accessible anywhere.

From home security and home access control, to energy and solar management, air-conditioning, pool and spa control, audio and video around the different areas of the home, smart homes can take control of almost everything.

High-level smart home automation means that users can access all connected devices through a single app on their smartphone. Home automation controllers connect smart devices, appliances, and electrical systems to the local area network.

Benefits of smart homes

Smart home automation improves your quality of life, makes your home far more appealing, increases your home’s value, and heightens convenience.

Benefits include:

  • Configuration of your various devices to automatically do what you need, in line with your lifestyle and personal preferences.
  • Remote accessibility and tracking means you can control your devices even when you’re not at home.
  • Home safety and security through things such as video camera monitoring, automated lighting schedules and watering systems all work to strengthen your home security and enhance peace-of-mind.
  • Home accessibility is particularly useful for giving particular people limited access to certain areas of the property while ensuring everyone is safe and secure.
  • Energy efficiency automated controls takes the hassle out of ensuring your energy bills are kept low by automating certain activities such as pool heating, garden watering or air-conditioning and heating.
  • Answer your door, even when you’re not at home! If you setup your intercom, you can answer calls directly from your front door to your smart phone.
  • Cost savings are generally a much-appreciated extra benefit of smart homes. Your home automation network enables you to monitor and manage power usage by configuring the system to minimise electricity usage by programing devices to turn off automatically when not in use or they only run at times of the day when energy costs are at their lowest.

Future-proof your home

Home automation will future-proof your home. Integral Electrical Engineering can customise, design and upgrade to a user-friendly system. Smart homes pull together the technological advances made in recent years in construction, from central heating, under floor heating, solar power, electrical fit-outs and air-conditioning.

There’s now a drastic change in how we communicate, listen to music, watch TV, and do everyday things around the house. Smart homes are the missing link in technological advances, to introduce far more convenience than ever before.

For modern builders and developers, smart homes are a must. Call us in at the beginning, during planning and designing stages, to ensure your new build is future-proof, and appeals to owners who value design, efficiency, security and functionality.

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